Buying a Home CAN be affordable — Yes, with 1% down!

Buy a Home as low as 1% down!  Yes, you read that right!  This is a great opportunity to buy a single family home, condo, townhome or a duplex!

Program features:

  • No mortgage insurance requirement
  • 97% LTV / 99% CLTV
  • 30 year fixed rate
  • Owner-occupied
  • Max loan amount $424,000 for 1 unit; $543,000 for 2 units
  • Eligible properties must be located in specific counties*
  • Income maximum in LA county $100,800

Terms for second note:

  • 3 year fixed term, 0% APR
  • Forgivable 2nd trust deed loan
  • No payment is required
  • Purchase only transactions
  • Minimum loan amount $5,000
  • Max loan amount $8,600 for 1 unit, $11,000 for 2 units

With low-interest rates, and this loan program, you don’t want to pass on this opportunity!

Contact Reggie for more information:  Call or text (323) 868-6463 or email

*Available in the following counties:  Alameda, Contra Costa, Los Angeles, Marin, Orange, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Sonoma


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How Much Mortgage Can You Afford?

Determining the affordability of a mortgage payment

4 Tips to Determine How Much Mortgage You Can Afford

By knowing how much mortgage you can handle, you can ensure that homeownership will fit in your budget. Read

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Backup Your Financial Records





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Before You Purge

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Staging Curb Appeal for Web Appeal

In today’s real estate market, curb appeal is about more than neighborhood drive-bys and official home showings. That’s because, if there’s one thing you can bet about today’s potential homebuyer, it’s that he or she is searching online. Thanks to a bevvy of easy-access real estate websites, it’s simpler than ever for anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to find details about homes for sale. And whether you’ve got a listing filled with photos or none at all, interested buyers can input your address and view the front of your home through Google’s Street View.

So how does your property look? When a potential buyer pulls up a picture of the front of your home, will it delight or disgust? To help you make sure you’re making the most of your online curb appeal, here are some specific tips for strategically staging the exterior of your home.

  1. Clean Up the Landscaping: Buyers like a fresh, manicured appearance, so if you have any overgrown bushes or trees, take care of them fast. Mow the lawn regularly. Rake the leaves. Cut down rotted trees. Sweep away debris on walkways or the front porch. Add colorful flowers. Not only can caring for your plants and lawn improve the way your home looks to buyers — it can showcase more of your house. Free from overgrown brush, your residence will be front and center, ready for buyers to fall in love.
  2. Declutter: Sure, you love the wacky, colorful lawn furniture your aunt made you — but to buyers, they just look cheap and junky. That’s why you need to get rid of all clutter and personal artifacts when selling. Toys, furniture, lawn ornaments, signs — anything that doesn’t make a home’s curb appeal look more beautiful and inviting should go. Make it as easy as possible for buyers to imagine themselves calling your property home.
  3. Make Any Needed Repairs: If the front of your home needs work, that will be the first thing buyers notice. Repair or remove the broken storm door. Replace the dingy home numbers. Switch the busted porch light. Get that broken window fixed. When buyers pull up your home’s photo you want them to notice how pretty it looks, not how much work they’d have to do to fix it.
  4. Update the Façade: Whether you replace all the siding completely or pay for a professional paint job, you want to find a way to update your home’s exterior. Make it look fresh and clean with a new look, one that modernizes your home’s style or simply shows that the property has been cared for.
  5. Power Wash the Deck: It won’t cost a bundle to power wash your front deck, but it will go a long way toward improving the look of your home. If you don’t own a power washer, rent one for the day from a local home-improvement store.
  6. Clean Up the Garage: It should go without saying that the garage needs to look its best when your home is on the market, particularly if it has front-facing doors. Repair any damages and, if the budget allows, consider replacing outdated doors with something a little more eye-catching like custom doors that feature windows at the tops. While you’re at it, declutter and clean out the inside of the garage — in order to make it a place to store cars and not all your out-of-season storage items.

Staging your home’s curb appeal for the Web does take time and money, but it’s an investment well worth the effort. In return for your updates, you’ll gain a home that’s worth more to potential buyers, as well as one that will draw in prospects the minute they see it on their computer screens. Use the tips above to get started!

by Justin White, RISMedia's HouseCall

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Buy a Home with 3% Down Payment!

This is a great opportunity to buy a home, condo or townhome with as little as 3% down payment.  This is a great new loan program ideal for first time home buyers! 

Program features:

  • One of the buyers must be a first time homeowner
  • 3% down payment must come from the buyers but the seller can credit closing costs or the closing costs can be from a gift
  • No reserve requirements
  • Condos are allowed and no "prior" condo approval process is required
  • Must be a fixed rate for an owner-occupied primary residence
  • Additional requirements apply

With low-interest rates, and this loan program, you don't want to pass on this opportunity! 

Contact Reggie for more information:  Call or text (323) 868-6463 or email

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Sold in 3 weeks!

 I represented the Seller and SOLD this Montclair townhome in 3 weeks time!   It was a smooth transaction and both seller and buyers are happy and satisfied.  laugh   When you are ready to sell, call or message me.

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Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to your one-stop source for real estate services covering the Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena and Los Angeles County areas.   Real Estate is one of the most exciting investments one can make, and it should be a fun and rewarding experience.  Here you’ll find everything you’ll need to buy or sell a home, as well as learn about the market value of homes you may own in the area.  It is MY GOAL as your full-service real estate Professional to provide you with superior service at all times!

I pride myself on providing unparalleled service, assisting you in the transaction from start to finish. I am fully committed in building a strong and lasting relationship with you on every transaction completed through honesty, integrity, mutual respect and impeccable service. I always go above and beyond, handling your transaction as carefully as I would my own. I am a firm believer that my client’s interests are first and foremost!

Please have a look around, and don't hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.  Let me make a difference in your life!  I will assist you to BUILD YOUR FUTURE THROUGH REAL ESTATE!"


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