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We were so confident that Reggie will get us our dream home that we hired her to find our second home without hesitation.  We knew she would get the job done and she did.  She got us our Forever home!!!

Reggie is the kindest, sweetest, nicest real estate agent we ever worked with.  We wanted to state that cause we have worked with other agents in the past that treated us with such disrespect and made us feel that we were wasting their time.  Reggie is professional, always available, cares about her clients, quick to respond, goes out of her way for her clients in making sure that process is done in a timely manner.  I appreciated how she outlined the process when we opened up escrow.

Reggie Ocava is the Best Real Estate Agent.  She is the Best of the Best.  She can work Magic!

—– Joe & Marissa, Santa Clarita


Reggie is very knowledgeable and its very reassuring to take that journey with her.  We had peace of mind that we are guided properly and intelligently every step of the way.  The selling process was painless!  We are well informed at all times, never was there any confusion that’s why the process was painless and we enjoyed it.  I always tell my friends if they want an efficient agent and not be in a roller coaster ride in selling or buying, then get Reggie.

I have referred Reggie to some of my friends already because I am so impressed how impeccable her service to us.  I am not easy to please but she “wowed” me with her efficiency and intelligence.

—– Anne, Burbank

Very much delighted! Reggie is detail oriented, she showed genuine concern for benefit of client.  Reggie always has her client’s welfare making sure that deal is beneficial.  Personalized service, very persistent and went beyond “call of duty”.  Closely coordinated the sale and purchase all throughout till closing.

—– Maria & Ernesto, Van Nuys

Reggie is very professional and gives great advice regarding home-buying. She is very prompt with answering any questions regarding the buying process.  She made my first time home-buying experience easy.  She is very pro-active and is a very good client advocate.

—– Mac, Santa Clarita


Very delighted with Reggie’s services.  She went the extra mile, more than what was expected.  Very responsive to our needs.  Very personalized and persistent in follow-ups to 3rd parties.  Reggie always provides advice and services to the best of her clients’ interests!  I highly recommend, truly a veteran in the field, well strategized approach!

—– Ernesto and Mila, Van Nuys

Reggie made everything happen… all the timelines I have her were met.

Thank you Reggie for the wonderful service you have done for me.





—– Mackey, Chino Hills

Reggie is knowledgeable with a good understanding of the local real estate market.  She pays attention to detail and is an excellent problem solver.  Above all her honesty & integrity in unquestionable.  I give Reggie’s communication skills a rating of par excellence.  Reggie is very responsive, prompt and patient.  Reggie has a way of working out the issues associated with the real estate transaction.  If you want a positive result towards a successful real estate transaction, you need to hire Reggie!

—– Evy, Los Angeles

Very helpful and accommodating to schedules.  Especially since my brother was not in town.  Appreciate assistance and explanations.  Reggie was helpful in any questions we had and very prompt.  Patient and understanding, very knowledgeable.  We are satisfied with the service she provided.

—– Teresa, Los Angeles

Dear Reggie,

Thank you so much for making the sale of our Benton property possible.  We appreciate your help especially since my brother is in Northern California.  Thank you also for the Cutco set and the pictures of the property and professionalism.  May God bless you.




—– Arnold & Teresa, Los Angeles

You were efficient, polite and highly professional.  Friendly, good communication skills.  Very impressed, you were able to complete this transaction in 14 days!  Will recommend her services to others.

—– Steven, Culver City

Reggie is always positive and willing to assist her clients.  She assists her clients to the best of her ability.  Reggie is my realty agent and also a friend.

—– Clyde, Burbank

Am lucky to have an agent like Reggie.  She gave peace of mind.  She took care of everything.  Very honest and dependable agent.  You are very good at what you are doing, keep it up!  Am very happy and satisfied.  I will surely refer you to all of my friends.  Good luck and may you have more clients to come.  God bless and thank you!

—– Editha, Burbank

Reggie strongly advocated and protected our interests as sellers.  She goes above and beyond what’s expected of her.  Personalized service, honesty, integrity, unquestionable, very trustworthy.  Excellent listener.  She demonstrates passion of what she does which is a very important key to be successful in a job.

—– Arnee & Gigi, Sherman Oaks

Reggie is personable, kind, communicative and a great negotiator.  Couldn’t have done it without her!  Generous with her time — explaining every step, especially appreciated as first time home buyers!  We are absolutely satisfied that you provided during the process.  You were there with us every step of the way — helping us to secure our dream home!  We would recommend her 100%.  Referred by a friend who was referred by a friend.  Will definitely recommend Reggie to others.  Thank you Reggie, for making the home buying process less daunting.  You always kept us in the loop and persevered until we found our dream home!


—– David & Amanda, Sherman Oaks


Reggie provides explanations and details to our questions, prompt on following up with sellers.  She has excellent communication, professional, good quality of issue handling.  Thank you!

—– Kim, Chino Hills

Reggie is very professional in every way and explains thoroughly whenever we had questions and concerns regarding the whole process of selling.  We are very satisfied with the services that you provided and very happy that we chose you as our agent!  We are for sure refer you to our friends and family.  Excellent service, the best ever! 🙂

—– Raissa & Jocelyn, Burbank

Reggie is the person I can trust and requests her to come visit my house, in case of emergency, or I need assistance because of simply being out of town.  Definitely one thing I admire from her is her honesty, she is constantly looking for the best price for her clients and divulging the right amount of information if needed.  Other good thing is the connections she had recommended to do other services like the exterminator guy who had done above and beyond.  I am very satisfied with what Reggie provided during our real estate transaction.



—– Tessie, Granada Hills

As a first time buyer, I felt comfortable to ask questions and I felt you understood what I was looking for in a home, but also offered advice and suggestions to maximize my interests.  It was a very trusting experience and I felt I as in very capable hands.  You make a daunting experience seem like a walk in the park!  Cannot thank you enough for helping us find our first home and making so easy and painless!



—– Sarah, Sun Valley

Very professional with complete knowledge of the real estate business.  Reggie gave sound advise and put our interest first!  She is very trustworthy and kind.  Excellent communicator, professional, prompt, and helpful.  Excellent work!

—– Rose Ann & Al, Glendale

The BEST of the agents.  Managed to sell the old and buy the new property in 30 days.  Those who had to “flip” the house know how hard and sometimes impossible this is.  Have to mention that in the same period of time other clients have been helped with their needs.  Reggie is a truly manager of the time.  100% professional and fully dedicated to help the clients to find the best solutions.

—– Sava, North Hills

Reggie is very thorough, follow-through is impeccable!  I most like about Reggie is her fast to respond.  She is professional and has excellent quality of service and helpfulness.  I would recommend her to others.





—– Malou & Nhel, Saugus

Reggie took the extra step in servicing us.  She was very instrumental in making our dream home a reality.  She is always on top of the situation and very prompt in returning calls.  She made sure that our requests for repairs were performed by seller.  She had a checklist during our final walk through.  Reggie has personalized service, very dedicated salesperson.  We are very impressed, and very delighted with the level of service and extra services that Reggie did for us.  Definitely recommend her services to others.



—– Mila & Ernesto, Winnetka

The whole process may be too strange for new buyers like us, but Reggie made it easier for us.  She explained and answered all our questions, and clear our doubts and assured us, guidance every step of the way.  We are so lucky to have her as our agent.  I most liked her open-line communication with client.  She is 24/7 reachable for real!!  Be it through text, email, phone, etc. name it!  She will go out of her way to see you or get back to you ASAP.  She is so generous of her time, which is for me the real essence of an effective real estate agent. I would recommend her services to others definitely, certainly 100% sure.  She will not fail you giving excellent results.  She wears many hats, very flexible, and knowledgeable about her craft.  She is honestly a help, a BIG HELP!

I believe in every sales transaction, clients don’t only buy “the merchandise”, they also consider “personalities”.  Reggie exceeds the persona of an agent who will HELP you in every way she could and in everything she would.  She is an asset not only to her company, but for the whole real estate industry.

—– Gener & Queenie Joy, North Hills

Reggie was very, very helpful. Very prompt on responding to emails and telephone.  Reggie, don’t change your style, continue the good work!




—– Emma, Glendale

Dear Reggie,

Thank you very much for making my dream come true…selling my house so I can start my new life in Manila with my family.    We have faced challenges together but you always assured me that all will be well and so I was not worried one bit.  You left me in very good and able hands and Juan was so supportive — no wonder you are too.

—– Diane, North Hills

(From card received: Front –  The best thing about knowing a person like you is everything)

Reggie was very flexible and open to any options I threw in order to get the house we wanted.  She explained all the do’s and don’ts which helped us get to the process faster.  Reggie explained well to us.  The way she explained the process of buying a house in details gave me a reason to keep on working the buying process.  If you want to get the house, then work on the requirements right away.  It is my first time buying a house and everything was explained well to me in details.  The process was very smooth and easy compared to the other people I heard.  Thank you very much Reggie Ocava.  She is one of the best agents you can work with.

—– Alain, Sylmar


Reggie was very helpful and explained everything that was happening.  She took us to see a lot of houses until we found the right one.  She was very helpful and informative.  Reggie explained everything and gave us time when we needed it.  Helped us by answering all of our questions, even after we sold and bought our homes.  It was a pleasure working with Reggie!

—– Ramiro and Raquel, Los Angeles

Dear Reggie,

Whether in Manila, Cypress or Las Vegas, you connected the dots for us.  We appreciate all your help in making this sale go through with less pain, but with a lot of convenience and expediency.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! 

—– Marie & Diggy, Cypress


(From card received: Front –  They say that a job well-done is its own reward, but still, you should know how much your hard work means to those around you.; Inside – Thanks for doing such a good job!!)

The Gonzalez family was very satisfied with the services provided for them in both selling their home and helping them buy their new home.  Reggie was always willing to help any time of day.  We built a familial-relationship.  Any questions or concerns was answered promptly.  Also, she provided plenty of information about sellers side of information and buyers.  I would not have any concerns in regards to her professionalism or any other area.  She’s great!  We will continue to use her services as soon as we decide to buy another property.  Reggie has an excellent personality and desire to help her client.  She does not only want to make a living for herself, but rather she puts up front her clients interest first.  Thank you so much Reggie!

—– Martin & Maria, Los Angeles

Carina and her Mom

I most liked about Reggie is her availability, trustworthy and sincerity.  You were there for us all the way.  Everything we called with any questions, even at 10 pm, you always made yourself available.  I cannot think of anything that Reggie needs to improve on.  We are 200% satisfied!  Thank you for everything!

—– Carina, Burbank






We are thankful and very satisfied with Reggie overall performance.   We appreciate giving us a knowledge of buying a house especially we are first time buyers.  She will do a good job on finding your house and never quit with these house market today, especially for an FHA loan like us.  We are very happy with Reggie’s effort on finding our first house and definitely she is our Real Estate Agent for Life!

—– Chris & Jhanette, Newhall


We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dreams come true.  Our dream has come to frustration and you made what seemed to be impossible possible.  You were so patient, understanding, professional and efficient.  Thank you for being so awesome.

—– Joe & Marissa, Canyon Country


Reggie and her partner Bannie were both detailed oriented and driven to completely understand my needs.  Both had absolute understanding of my needs to sell the property for the right price as well as my concern to sell fast.  They were extremely knowledgeable of the Real Estate market.  Both work very hard accommodating of my request and communicated in a prompt manner, everything that’s going on.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again if giuven another chance.

—– Cynthia, Los Angeles

Reggie is very honest and concern with our need.  She is excellent in communicating with us and conducted herself professionally.  She provided excellent advises and handles issues well.  Keep up the good work!

—– Mel, Los Angeles

Reggie is very efficient and reliable.  Everything is organized and very professional!

—– Editha, Burbank

We are very satisfied with Reggie’s kindness and patience.  Very understanding of our situation and compassionate.  Reggie is professional, excellent in issues handling, very hardworking and patient.  We would recommend her services.

—– Bing & Min, Monrovia

Reggie is very reassuring, she very honest, cool and diligent.  She knows what she is doing regarding her work.  Excellent communicator with her clients.  Keep up the good work Reggie!

—– Inez, Bellflower

Reggie is honest, very approachable.  Always there, answers calls when we need her.  Good relationship and communicates well with her clients.   We are very satisfied with her services.  Good job!

—– Minnie, Bellflower




Reggie kept us updated throughout each detail of the transaction.  There were no surprises — the whole selling process was explained to us thoroughly which we truly appreciate!  She is very efficient and keeps client posted on the status of the listing.  Will definitely recommend her services to others.  Thanks for the extra help with the storage pods!

—– Teresa, Artesia

Reggie assisted us in the short sale process of selling our home.  She understands our situation. She conducted herself in a professional manner, very prompt on responding and has excellent quality advice and helpfulness.

—– Celinia & Rolando, Mira Mesa

Dear Reggie,

Bob’s brother, Mom & Dad, Bob

Thank you so much for your hard work and support during the house hunt and escrow!  I really appreciate everything you did and all the help & advice that you gave during the process.  I’m really glad that Lourdes gave me the recommendation to seek you out!  I’m just starting to get things settled here and will hopefully begin the first phase of remodeling in week or two.   With the housing market so tight these days, I feel very lucky to have been able to find a home!  Thank you so much again, I will keep in touch and let you know how the remodeling goes.  Thank you!

—– Bob, Orange


(From card received: Front – Thank You)


I am satisfied with Reggie’s services.  I most liked Reggie’s punctuality and knowledge of the real estate and her research ability so she can present to client’s her findings.  I would recommend Reggie to others.  Job well done!

—– Alma, Beaumont

Reggie is very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate.  All of my issues were resolved, very satisfied!  You were always there when I had questions or concerns.  You did your job very well.  I wish my other friends who were in the same situation as mine had contacted your services before it was too late.

—– Victoria, Glendale

Agam & Juan

Where to begin?… you previewed the homes, you were available 24-7, you always looked out for our needs, you were always in a good mood and patient with us, and I feel like we can trust you 100%.  Very incredibly attentive.  You continually exceeded all of our expectations.  I would absolutely recommend you, not only that, but I hope I can refer someone to you to make their lives better.  I can’t think of a better way to help someone buying a home in LA.

We cannot say enough good things.  You were an absolute God send, and we couldn’t have asked for a better realtor.  We are so happy with our new home.  Thanks for everything Reggie!

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!

—– Juan & Agam, Los Angeles


Lito, Rory & son Howard

Reggie has the detailed explanations to all of my questions, always received prompt response. She is very pleasant, trustworthy and very professional.  With my limited knowledge in real estate, I was able to buy this house and learned a lot.  We are very satisfied, real estate transaction done as scheduled. I’m very grateful to have Reggie as my agent. Thank you very much.

—– Rory & Lito, Sylmar


Reggie is very professional.  Excellent communicator, very prompt on responses and excellent on handling issues.

—– Roger, Los Angeles

Mario, Claudia & daughter Giselle

Reggie was very organized and determined to providing the best service possible. Always one step ahead of the working stuff and had a response and answer for every question. Never thought that home buying would be so long until I met Reggie.  Definitely recommend her services with flying colors. Highly recommend her services to any or first time buyers as myself.

—– Mario, Baldwin Park



Howdy Reggie!

Things have finally settled down a little bit and I wanted to take the time to write and say how wonderful working with you was.  I know testimonials and referrals are the core of your business, and I wanted to let you know that I refer anyone that I can to you. You not only helped me purchase a home, you taught me a lot about how the real estate market works, how the home buying process works, and all the little ins and outs of the process. I feel empowered having gone through the process with you. You were patient, informative, low-pressure at just the right times and nudging at the right times.

I understand from talking to others that buying is often an extremely stressful process, especially in these crazy times. Some of my friends that recently bought have said that they never want to go through the process again. That’s a shame to me, because I had fun working with you. Which, again, is why I refer anyone I can. I’m looking at buying again in 5-7 years or so, and I hope you’re still in LA to work with.

Anyways, feel free to put this letter on your website if you wish. I hope it helps you out!

—– Jim, Tarzana



Dear Reggie,

We are glad we chose you as our listing agent. You conducted yourself in a professional manner in dealing with us as well as with the prospective buyers and

Baby, Perla & Precious

agents. You were very thorough in the sales process, i.e. documentation, compliance, etc.  We are happy with your service and would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and relatives.

—– Perla & Baby, Winnetka






Thank you for helping us to get our first place! We are so happy with our lovely place. As a first home buyer, it wasn’t easy to understand everything, but you explained a lot of things, and told us to be patience. That was right! You brought us great deals in many situations and as a result, it saved us a lot. Again, Thank you Reggie! In the future, I will definitely call you again.

—– J & N, Glendale

—– Eloi, San Bruno

Dear Reggie,

Thank you for the job well done.  I truly appreciate everything you have done in helping me sell my property.  You handled it in a professional manner and to the full satisfaction of both buyers/seller.  God Bless!

—– Josie, Los Angeles

Dear Reggie,

Thank you so much for all of your help with my recent condo purchase.  I am so happy with the place!  Not only was it in the area that I wanted to live in, but it was in the perfect price range too.  You were right on top of everything!  You had a great sense of what kind place I was looking for.  I am so glad that I was able to get the condo that was my top choice and I appreciate all that you did to help me during the entire process.  You were very patient during my search, and I felt that you genuinely cared about finding a place that was the right fit for me.  You were very honest and straightforward in your critiques of the places we visited and I really liked that about you!  Thanks to all of your research, you were able to secure a great deal for me and I’m so glad that you noticed the price reduction on the condo the day it was posted.  I will definitely recommend you to any friends who might be looking for a home in the future.  Thanks again and take care!

—– Christopher, North Hollywood

Hi Reggie!  How are you?  We had our first Thanksgiving at Dorris and we are so thankful to God, Virgin Mary and to you for making our dreams come true.  We are always impressed with your positive attitude (lots of patience).  Thank you so much for everything.  See you on Christmas Day!!

—– Ruben, Los Angeles